Once upon a time...

The story of the founder of NewCompany.name begins with a little girl's rich imagination and the first fairytale Ivica Ďuricová wrote when she was no more than 7 years old. And ever since then to this day she hasn’t stopped making up all sorts of new things.
At high school she won a pan-European competition in short story writing and during her University studies she started to write professionally – as a copywriter.
In 2009 she launched her Slovak portfolio www.adlervia.com which has received very positive feedback, thanks to its fairytale design, too. Not only in Slovakia.
As the time went on Ivica was getting more and more orders from the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom or Australia. Apart from editing Slovak texts she began to adapt texts in foreign languages into Slovak for big supranational brands and to create names for startup businesses.
Demand for this service has been ever growing mainly from abroad. In the creative process there have been created many wonderful names which were not selected by the clients but it would be pity to let them go to waste.
That’s why we created www.newcompany.name

Who is NewCompany.name for?

For anybody who needs a new name for their company, product or startup. Through this simple online service you will be able to buy a ready-made name with one click or to place a quick order tailored to your needs.

Who is behind NewCompany.name?

The heart and head of the project is the founder and CEO Ivica Ďuricová. The naming is assisted by several other local European copywriters who are always brainstorming as a team when a name is being created.
And let’s not forget... wir sprechen auch fließend Deutsch!

Hall of fame

NewCompany.name´s CEO Ivica Ďuricová gave speech at the Slovakia´s biggest marketing & management conference MEXPO in 2012. It was about naming principles.

Ivica also released her first book about entrepreneurship called 99 inspirative business ideas (Slovak only) in November 2012.

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NewCompany.name is a brand of the company Adlervia s.r.o. which has officially entered the market in 2010. Here you can consult the official extract from the Slovak Business Register

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Do you want to learn more?

Are you interested in our story? Do you want to learn more on our creative process or about our company? Drop us a line at info@newcompany.name